Glass Protection - Nanotechnology

Nelson Worldwide Projects have developed NL Glass Protection which is a one component, ultra thin, hydrophobic Nanotechnology surface treatment for glass and ceramic surfaces. The product uses molecular bonding with the substrate to form a nanoscale surface structure that is repellent to water and other liquids.

NL Glass Protection will shield your glass from mineral staining and can reduce algae and moss growth. It is perfect for use on shower screens, pool fences, vehicle windows, glazed ceramic wall and floor tiles, baths, basins and toilets and anywhere where glass or ceramic surfaces can be exposed to the elements.

The way NL Glass Protection works is that a chemically engineered coating forms a protective barrier on the nanoscale to create a hydrophobic (water repellent), easy to clean surface. After application, the product is resistant to UV, many chemical cleaners, and will not crack or peel off the surface. NL Glass Protection does not change the texture or appearance of the treated surface, and glass clarity remains the same after treatment.

Water and liquid runs off easily from the treated surface and dirt particles and other contaminants are washed off with a wet cloth or water alone (easy to clean effect / self-cleaning effect).

Some of the key features and benefits of NL Glass Protection include:

  • Economical and long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Appearance remains the same after application
  • One component, easy to apply
  • Saves on maintenance costs
  • Keeps glass and ceramic cleaner for longer
  • Can be treated pre-installation
  • Effective on old and new surfaces
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Minimises salt and calcium glass damage
  • No harsh chemicals needed to clean surface
  • Heat resistant and UV-Stable

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