Leak Tracing & Detection Services

An unseen water leak in your house or business can not only cost you money in excess water charges it can also be extremely dangerous and expensive in terms of the damage that it can do to your building.

Tracing and treating these leaks in a timely and cost effective manner is extremely important, not just in terms of the cost but for your peace of mind. In addition, if a leak is left to its own devices it can cause a range of problems including concrete cancer and the breakdown of buildings, mould infestations and algae problems to name a few.

The Nelson Worldwide Projects leak detection team have extensive experience at tracing and pin pointing the cause of a leak and getting it treated quickly and with a minimal amount of disturbance to your property. Our tracing and detection team uses advanced detection equipment for quickly tracing and identifying the cause of your problem. We can then work with you to develop a strategy for rectifying the damage and ensuring that the problem is eliminated for good.

If you have a leak issue with your property and would like to find out more, then contact our Sydney office on 02 9858 4610 for a free no obligation chat about how we can help you.