Mould & Algae Removal Treatment

Mould or algae problems in residential or commercial properties can be the result of a number of different problems. It is imperative that once identified the correct removal treatment is carried out as soon as possible to minimise the impact to your property.

Apart from the unsightly look associated with a mould or algae issue, having a problem can have detrimental effects on your family’s health, particularly impacting asthma sufferers and people with respiratory conditions. If left untreated mould can also cause damage to paintwork and your walls and ceilings.

Nelson Worldwide Projects have developed NL Mould/Algae Remover and a fast and efficient system for the removal and treatment of mould. We can also assist with identifying the underlying cause of the mould.

Our focus is very much on identifying the cause, resolving that underlying issue and through our effective removal treatment restoring the surfaces to their pre-mould condition. NL Mould/Algae Remover destroys slippery black algae and slimy green moss. Our algae remover will remove black algae, moss and green slime from concrete slabs in particular, but also timber, fibro, bricks, sandstone, quarry tiles, hard courts, synthetic grass, metal and tile roofing.

NL Mould/Algae remover is a mildly alkaline solution, and totally biodegradable. The action is immediate and brief, killing the spores and leaving the surface clean. Our product has a resident effect, so cleaning is more infrequent.

Please contact us today to find out more about our cost effective removal and treatment services worldwide.